Depending on your scheduled termination date, you may have few other options available to you. Please call our finance department at (888) 300-6297 for details.
Please review your Lease Agreement document, it defines the standards for wear and use. Examples of excess wear and use include, but are not limited to, missing or broken parts, dented or damaged body panels, and cracked or broken glass. Any wear to the lease vehicle that is not excessive is considered normal.
If you return your leased vehicle and have exceeded the allowed mileage in your lease agreement, you will be charged for the additional miles. These charges are detailed in your lease agreement. However, if your lease agreement allows you to purchase the vehicle, at predetermined price, you can purchase the vehicle without any penalty.
Your security deposit will be returned to you, less any amounts owed under your lease agreement, within 60 days of returning your leased vehicle.
The only acceptable method of payment for your final bill is mailing a personal check or certified funds.
Please contact our finance department for any questions you have about end of lease. (855) 997-2979.